Basketball Recap: Varsity Girls vs. Oskaloosa


Maya Mastin

Junior Paige Hardt holds tight to the ball as she keeps it away from Oskaloosa.

Allie Owens, Staff Writer

The band pounded the national anthem. The fans, dressed in various shades of brown with scattered light sabers and a very noticeable Darth Maul, take their places. Eyes glistened in anticipation, awaiting the game. The Lady Panthers run through an ecstatic tunnel of cheerleaders in echoing cheers.The KCC Lady Panthers fell to the Oskaloosa Bears on Friday night, 34-15.

The game begins with a toss up from freshman Camille Hardt. She lines up for the jump, and the ball goes to Oskaloosa. Their post scores. Junior Grace Leach rebounds the next ball and outlets as the buzzer sounds, and with a quick quarter one down, the second quarter begins.

Leach passes the ball to senior Sarah Gromer, and the offense resets. A foul is called on junior Paige Hardt as she attempts to put KCC on the scoreboard. The Panthers reset, shoes squeaking down the court as sophomore Olivia Price goes up for a shot, an arm crashing down on her mid-jump. At the free throw line, Price makes the first free throw – putting the Panthers on the board. The buzzer sounds, marking halftime.

The teams soon take their positions again, the Panthers offense set up on the near court this half. Paige goes up for a basket off the right side, but is nailed to the ground. Holding her head, the ref whistles and Mong subs in. Two players from Oskaloosa corner Leach, who wings it out to sophomore Mallory Mong. Mong then puts up a shot at the high wing, putting the Panthers at 3-28. Leach runs the ball down the right wing and makes a layup. Price follows with another layup, putting the Panthers at 7-30. freshman Carly Connealy makes an appearance, scoring two points for the Panthers on a close three point shot.

The fourth quarter sounds, as the Panthers are down 32-10. Paige passes to Leach, who swings the ball around. With six minutes left, Price drives into the center, kicks it out to Connealy, who then passes it to Mong. Then Mong swings the ball around and makes a jump shot. The crowd goes wild as the ball swishes through the net. With two minutes and thirty seconds on the clock, KCC has managed to keep Oskaloosa at bay, only scoring nine points in the second half. Mong takes another layup, and the buzzer sounds, ending the game.