Teacher Throwback – Science Teacher Mr. Mais

Teacher Throwback - Science Teacher Mr. Mais

Q: Which high school did you go to and did you enjoy it?

A: I went to Blue Valley North. I very very much enjoyed my time in high school, I really didn’t enjoy my high school. I was not the sort of person that was typical of that high school. My senior year I was a very good student grade wise, I very very rarely went to class though.

Q: What were the trends?

A: Oh gosh, the trends at that time… it was a very very clearly defined difference in trends. There was the goth trends for everyone who wanted to dress in black and had white makeup on and listened to very very heavy metal music. There was the very very 90’s alternative trend, that style. There was the punk trend that was really big at the time. There was a handful of us who were in the hippie kind of trend. A lot of fish t-shirts, widespread panic t-shirts, patch pants, baja hoodies, I think everyone’s called them drug rugs anymore, we never called them that. A lot of hacky sack, Birkenstocks, that was kind of my group I ran with. There was also a whole lot of the very very preppy. The band Phish were a jam band, I don’t know if jam bands are still a thing. Green Day was still really big. Movie wise, Jay and Silent Bob. The Star Wars movies that came out at that time were really really big at the time. I was there for Phantom Menace.

Q: Did you have any siblings and how did you interact with them?

A: I have one brother who’s 10 years older than me. He did actually live at home for part of that time. Probably my junior year I had my brother living in the house with me. We got along great. We drove around and got into trouble together. Especially because he was 10 years older than me that really facilitates trouble. [We had common interests], but I’d prefer not to be quoted on those interests. That was right before I met Jesus.

Q: Describe your main group of friends and what you did with them.

A: We were a whole lot of trouble makers who had very little interest in school at the time. We played a lot of hacky sack and a lot of ultimate frisbee. Spent a lot of time camping and going to concerts. Three of us out of that group [of 30] actually became Christians, the rest of them, I think, are still living the same way.