A writer among us

Senior Hannah Coleman pursues her passion of writing


Senior Hannah Coleman brainstorms ideas for a book

Peter Loganbill, Staff Writer

In Kindergarten, senior Hannah Coleman was that kid reading under a tree. Her love for reading was not simply a childhood interest, she has continued to enjoy reading through high school. Coleman can sit down with any genre.

“I like any type of fiction, science fiction, historical fiction. Anything really,” Coleman said.

Her love for literature has transitioned in a love for writing. She enjoys the craft, even to the point where she enjoys writing school essays, no matter the genre.

She specifically enjoys interpreting and organizing her thoughts about books.

“I like to pick apart books and analyze them,” Coleman said. “If it’s like ‘write about the theme in this book,’ then I really enjoy that.”

Coleman devotes part of her school day to creative writing and wants to continue to write after high school.

“My goal is to write books, I want to write books for sure. That’s what I’m doing right now, I’m doing creative writing independent study, and my goal is to write a book by the end of this year,” Coleman said.

Coleman loves to play the guitar as well as piano. Her love for music has become her inspiration for the book she is working on this year.

“I really like music, a lot. I play a lot of music, so it’s kind of centered around a piano prodigy,” Coleman said. “She is trying to discover what happened in her past. She’s living with an uncle, her parents died. Her uncle’s a little bit abusive; she’s forced to play music because he has this crazy obsession with it. That’s kind of the premise.”

Since she enjoys writing on her own, class essays are enjoyable.When a teacher gives out a prompt for an essay assignment, a class usually moans. The case is different for Coleman.

“I really like prompts a lot. I like to do my best, so if I’m thinking about a prompt, I don’t start right away,” Coleman said. “I really want it to be good, so I think about it. I really like prompts a lot. I’ll try to find some on my own and do at home when I’m bored.”

Writing is her passion, and the process is important.

“If I have enough time, like if I don’t have a lot of homework that week, then I’ll sit down and really take a lot of time combing through [an essay] and making sure everything’s perfect,” Coleman said. “But since essays aren’t hard for me to write, I can get them done pretty quickly. I feel like I’m a fast writer, but when I’m done with it, then editing takes me a long time.”

Many students struggle with an introduction for their paper, and then continue to suffer through the rest of it. When Coleman is finished with her intro, she feels as if the paper is practically done.

“The hardest part is to get the intro done. The intro is the most important part for me, making it interesting. And then the rest kind of flows afterwards, so the intro always takes me the longest.”

Although she is not sure exactly which path to take, Coleman is sure that she wants to pursue a future in writing.

“So, in my free time, I want to write books. I don’t know if want teach English or be a journalist, writing for a paper. It’s kind of in that realm.”