Favorites: Students share their favorite series and why


Peter Loganbill

Senior Karyssa Forshey holds up a laptop displaying her favorite TV show on Netflix

Peter Loganbill, Staff Writer


Freshman Briley Burrow

The Office

“Michael Scott is Hilarious.”


Freshman Alex Gulin

Percy Jackson

“I really like Greek mythology. I think the author, Rick Riordan, wrote the books very well and they’re just fun to read.”


Sophomore Ian Ko

Harry Potter

“I read it when I was so young [that] it just ingrained in my head as the greatest young adult series ever.”


Sophomore Elise Gamble

Sherlock (BBC)

“It’s really fast-paced and there’s a lot of twists. He’s really intelligent and stuff. And Benedict Cumberbatch is beautiful.”


Junior Joel Connealy

Star Wars

“I really love the characters. Han’s a really fun character to watch. It’s a really fun world to just get into and start watching.”


Junior Alexis Termini

Vampire Diaries

“It has love, action, scary, it has all the genres that a girl would watch.”


Senior Joshua Swiastyn

Indiana Jones

“I grew up watching Indiana Jones with my brothers, so that gives me a really nostalgic feeling. I love the soundtrack by John Williams.”


Senior Karyssa Forshey

New Girl

“It’s hilarious and interesting. The characters are well thought out and the actors play them extremely well.”