Why it is OK if the Royals lose the World Series


Two weeks ago I got to experience something spectacular.

Sitting in Kauffman stadium for the last game against the Houston Astros, I felt something more than the usual excitement surrounding a playoff game. I felt pride. Pride in my team and pride in my city. Kansas City. A city that is overlooked by most of the nation, a footnote in a fly-over state.

For years we have been synonymous with failing sports teams and empty stadiums. But over the past few years a change has come over the community. A renewed sense of pride has slowly washed over the city, a sense of pride that seems to coincide with the emergence of a dominant Royals team. It can be seen in the the revival of the historic West Bottoms and the packed crowds in the Power and Light District. It’s in our devotion to all things barbecue and our love for hometown stars like Paul Rudd or Rob Riggle. And now the Royals are in the World Series (again) fighting for their first title since 1985.

With all the hype surrounding the World Series, it is easy to get caught up in the sentiment that our identity is wrapped up in whether we win or lose. While it would certainly be amazing if we win, I think we as a city need to realize that even getting this far is an accomplishment.

Much like Kansas City itself, the Royals have defied those who would overlook them and have risen above expectations.  Even if we don’t win the World Series, we must hold onto this new-found pride. We must not lose the excitement, joy, and the love we have found for our city and for our team.

So as you sit and watch the Royals play the Mets this week, I ask that you view this as more than a series of games but as an expression of the greater pride of our city. S’go ‘yals