Volleyball team loses to Barstow 25-18


Olivia Price

Volleyball team huddles together to pray before the match.

“Amen!” cheer the KCC volleyball girls as they break from their pre-game prayer huddle on  Tuesday, October 13. The game was at Barstow’s homecourt, the team that had recently beaten Heritage, who had been undefeated until then.

Despite their presuppositions about the game, the team managed to keep an upbeat and focused attitude. After each point they would run together for a quick huddle.

“On game point we all ran together, and it was cool that we did that even though we knew were going to lose,”  junior Allie Owens said.

The team worked together by making some strategical plays.

“When Makeilee saved a ball that was hit to the back right corner,”  senior Karyssa Forshey said, commenting on her favorite play of the game.

The Panthers lost the last match  25-18. Even though they lost, the team was still able to look ahead to how they can improve.

“I need to get higher and get my timing down for blocks,” freshman Camile Hardt said.