KCC alumna returns as assistant coach


After their race, the girls cross country team talks with assistant coach Lily Young. Young ran for KCC herself four years ago.

KCC alumna Lily Young, who graduated in 2012, was known for her positive spirit while at the school, a trait that is needed to motivate people to work hard in many aspects of life. Cross country is one of these areas. Young herself was on the team throughout high school and is now the assistant coach.

“It’s fun to see kids that ran for me now wanting to be involved in a leadership role,” head coach Lisa Cowan said.

In comparison to her previous assistants, Cowan is very excited to finally have a girl. “It’s nice to have a female,” Cowan said, “[who’s] able to run with and relate to the female runners.”

Since Young only graduated three years ago, she still very much remembers what running during this time was like, and she is very passionate about her work with the team now as she was back then.

Young revealed that being a cross country coach has a desire she’s had for a long time, and she especially enjoys working with her former coach.

“Being coached by her [Cowan] was really inspiring, but it’s interesting to see how she works. She cares more about the runners than their times,” Young said.

Cowan enjoys working with Young as much as Young enjoys working with Cowan.

“I’ve always really admired Coach Cowan,” Young said. “She’s a great leader. She’s so close to high school running that she understands races and training. She’s the all-around package.”

As a coach, Cowan has always talked about how the discipline and training involved in running can be applied to life, including discipline against the temptation of sin.

“The mental discipline can be applied to life,” Young said. “You’ll put the mental image to the rest.”

Positive responses have been coming from the students.

“Lily’s super supportive and always really bubbly,” junior Nora Dooley said, “She’s brought a whole new element of spiritual community, teamwork, and support to our team.”

Dooley also stated that she feels more like a friend than a coach, although she still keeps the team accountable for their runs.

With Regionals only a few weeks away, Cowan, Young, and the rest of the team are preparing.