Meghan Ward takes assistant volleyball coaching position

Assistant girls volleyball coach Meghan Ward kills the ball in a college game against Mount Marty during her senior year at Grace University.

Photo courtesy of Meghan Ward

Assistant girls volleyball coach Meghan Ward kills the ball in a college game against Mount Marty during her senior year at Grace University.

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Meghan Ward began assistant coaching the volleyball team with head coach Terry Littleton this season. Senior Nate Ward, Meghan Ward’s younger brother, spoke to athletic director Josh Poteet, suggesting her for the position.

As a 2015 graduate from Grace University, Ward is able to invest her college volleyball skills into the Kansas City Christian girls volleyball team. And she has been happy with the way the girls have received her input.

“From day one I’ve been really impressed with how hard the team has worked,“ Ward said. “I think that someone’s hard work matters much more than their actual ability.“

Ward played club volleyball for over seven years and was then recruited for college volleyball at Grace University, where she played for three years. But, she has found a new love for coaching.

“I actually like coaching a lot more than I liked playing,” Ward said. “I love volleyball, but I just love people so much more. Getting to hear people’s hearts and encourage them and talk about Jesus is what makes me feel alive, not volleyball. Volleyball is just a medium to connect and relate to people. It’s more of a perk than the main aspect of coaching.”

Ward’s love for people and God is evident in her life. This past summer she went to Haiti and worked at an orphanage with kids with special needs. She was also a camp staffer for Champions Special Ministries in 2013 and 2014, working alongside those with disabilities.

“Not only is Meghan positive and kind, but she also pushes us to do our best,” freshman Camile Hardt said. “She has a lot of experience and is very helpful when telling us how to improve and reach our full potential.”

Ward and Littleton have led the team to four wins already – doubling the wins from last year’s season.

“When I tell someone to do something and then they do it right, I feel like a proud little mom,” Ward said, her face lighting up with a smile.

Ward is known for her consistent joy and positive attitude, which is always accompanied with a helpful suggestion. Whether confused on rotation, unsure of how to achieve the most momentum for an attack, or an overhead serve, Ward is able to provide an answer without annoyance.

“She is so bubbly and sweet,” freshman Rachel Rigler said. “It rubs off on the rest of our team.”

On and off the court, Ward can be seen laughing and encouraging players. On the sidelines of the game, she can be heard cheering after the serve is an ace or after a kill. “I see you, I see you,” has become one of her trademarks on the team.

Ward plans on returning next year for another season.