Pep rally kicks off fall season

Pep band unveils new fight song, varsity volleyball team wins against teachers

Freshman Cooper Rovenstine and Carter Schuchardt cheer on the side line watching the varsity girls vs. teachers. They were sitting right under the jazz band.

Mallory Mong, Staff Writer

Students concluded their day on Friday with a pep rally to get them excited for the year. The band played as the high school and middle school students filed into the gymnasium. STUCO members were passing out song lyrics to everyone on their way into the pep-assembly.


The rally kicked off by announcing all the fall sports and the teams to go along with them, then three Stuco members came out with a surprise. Freshman Cooper Rovenstine, sophomore Ian Ko, and junior Luke Rovenstine leapt off the stage while kicking in mid-air


“My legs hurt from sliding,” sophomore Ian Ko said.


The three boys came out to announce what was happening at the event later that night. They were dressed as ninja warriors for an activity that was to take place during the Backyard Bash.


As the three members exited the court, all the other Stuco members rushed onto the gym floor to teach the students and faculty the newly-created fight song for the school. It started off with the band playing and then everyone else joining in with school spirit as they sang together.


For the main event, the girls varsity volleyball team got up and headed to the court. Meanwhile, the teachers were taking their places about to play against the team of spirited girls.


“The pep rally was really fun to watch. The volleyball players are all really talented,” senior Hannah Coleman said. “And you have to admit, it’s pretty awesome when they get super intense and spike it over the net as the teachers just have these looks of complete bewilderment.”


As the crowd of students and teachers cheered them on, the varsity team beat the teachers 25-21.


“It was fun just getting the teachers to try to play volleyball,” varsity player freshman Camile Hardt said, “even though they weren’t the best at it.”