Baseball faces new challenges, doesn’t give up


Olivia Madderom, Editor-in-Cheif

The baseball players line up in the spring heat, their blue jerseys and gray pants clinging to their already perspiring bodies. The KCC baseball hats are dipped down, so as to provide as much shade as possible. The umpires are aligned and ready.

“The season has not really gone the way that we planned,” senior Cody Friesen said. “It is still competitive, and the guys [fellow players] really can compete. We have stuck with some teams.”

The team is new: new coaches and only two upperclassmen players. Struggling against the freshness of the team has been challenging, and the coaches as well as the players have had to adapt.

“The coaches are amazing, they love being around us, and making a team with limited resources,” sophomore Andrew Sotelo said. “We don’t have the same practice field every day, and we get to hit twice a week but [the coach’s] attitude is amazing, and they definitely have a lot of love for the sport and for their team.”

The baseball team in the past has been merged with other private schools, but in recent years it has branched into its own independent sport. The players that make up the team are very invested so as to not dwindle back to being dependant on another school. The season has had a rough start, with a record of 1-14, but the Panthers are not giving up.

“It does suck when we lose so much,” Friesen said. “But the team uses it as fuel to work hard in practice and improve.”