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The Dangers of Lockers

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The Dangers of Lockers

Olivia Madderom, Editor-in-Chief

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Small and narrow, the blue lockers stacked close to each other, hug the walls that line the one-hallway school and host a new student each year. They become little homes away from home, they house students belongings and possessions for nine months, and they are very, very dangerous.

Since they are so skinny, students have to often morph their bodies around the lockers and around each other to navigate the locker situation, juggling books on a popped hip while using their free arm to grab more necessary things. The lockers aren’t necessarily deep, and many times they are filled to the brim with books, papers and notebooks.

The heavy doors that slam shut easily are notorious for pinching fingers and catching on knuckles, the rough and worn edges of the shelves and corners scratch exposed skin.

I remember many times trying to pull my books out of my locker with one hand and if they were at the bottom of the pile, more often than not my hand would slam up and bang against the lockers. My knuckles get scratched on the corners, and a few times in my high school career I have slammed my fingers in my locker.

However, leaving lockers behind after the school year ends is a bittersweet moment. The number eventually fades from memory, locker buddies change,  and eventually students move onto a new locker. But for those precious nine months, perhaps the most dangerous part of lockers is how attached a student gets to their own.


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  1. gray on April 30th, 2015 6:59 pm

    this is real journalism #ethics

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