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Student Leadership Institute goes on first student-led retreat.


KCC’s Student Leadership Institute began the year with a service-filled retreat on Friday, Sept. 6, 2013, by volunteering at a local organization.

The group went to Mission South Side in the morning to volunteer, then to Chik-fil-a for lunch, and lastly to Leawood Park for some group get-to-know-you games. This retreat was planned completely by students in SLi. Although the SLi students had the opportunity to have a sleepover or movie night, they decided to do community service.

“We wanted to re-engage the discussion about poverty from last year to introduce the new SLi students and start off the year right,” junior Matthew Horner said.

Horner, along with a few other select students, is a part of a small group in SLi chosen to be the Steering Committee. These students create a template concerning how the organization will be run throughout the year.They also decided what the rest of SLi will learn about and study this year.

“The Steering Committee met before school to discuss the rough layout for where we see SLi going. We decide small topics and how much time to spend on each topic,” junior Olivia Madderom said. “All of the smaller topics build up to one large topic; on this topic, we will discover how we, as Christians, should respond to it.”

This year’s topic is homosexuality and how Christians should engage it. The students will be exploring all of the social aspects that lead up to to this before exploring and deciding their stance.

The hopes for this year’s SLi include growing closer as a group and also being able to use what they learn throughout their lives in society. High school principal Ben Williams has a specific goal for the institute in the future and sees the students achieving the goal every Thursday afternoon during their meetings.

“This year I am excited about seeing the student Steering Committee take on a larger role and really start to engage all of the topics we have been discussing these past few years,” Williams said.

While SLi is a lot of work and takes much effort, the group still has fun. They play games and ask silly questions to make the environment enjoyable and make the students feel more like family than classmates.

“I think it is fun to hang out together and get to know each other,” freshman Patrick Lague said. “It’s great fellowship.”

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