Strikes on Strikes on Strikes

Turner Jones, Photography Editor

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The crash of pins falling and laughter echoes through the clamor of the bowling alley. KCC bowlers sit and cheer on their teammates while spending time with their friends. Positive energy runs through the alley during practices and matches; the camaraderie within the team is strong.

This bowling season has been a rough one with the team yet to win a single meet. The size of the team has also taken a turn for the smaller. Even though this year has seen one of the biggest senior turnouts, with four girls and five boys, the total numbers are dwindling, and the team lost one of its best bowlers last year, alumnus Nate Starcev.

Despite all the hurdles the team has faced so far, no one is upset with their performance, all that matters is the fun they get to have together.

“I just really enjoy the process of everyone scoring points together,” senior Thomas Rolston said.

The bowling team is known for being a great way for students to participate in sports and be competitive, but not face a lot of pressure, It’s an easy environment to come into without any experience. The team doesn’t really seem to be divided by Varsity and JV, everyone is playing at the same time and everyone contributes to the same points for placing.

This is the second year that coach Chuck Read is leading the team, and according to those on his team, he fits the bill perfectly.

“He’s got a pretty good mix going between pushing us to get better and knowing that most of us are new to the game,” freshman Ian Ko said.

Just because the team lost some of their best  bowlers from last year doesn’t mean that there isn’t a chance to see the Panthers at Regionals. Junior Lucas Ford rolled an amazing 235 in one game and  senior Savannah Ko had a high score of 179 for the girls.


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