Students audition for spring play


Olivia Madderom, Editor-in-Chief

Spring means the sun is poking through the clouds, the grass is turning green from the yellow color of winter, the rain comes now, bringing with it hopes of new plant life. And, spring means the drama department prepares for its new play, “The Butler Did It”.

“It’s a British murder mystery,” sophomore Daniel Owens, an auditioning actor, said. “I’m really excited for it.”

The cast, featuring nine characters, is drastically different than the usually cut-free plays of the past. However, the script offers large roles for all the cast, so every cast member has many lines.

“There’s more responsibility with [a small cast] so everyone’s more committed and everyone becomes closer in a small cast,” sophomore Nora Dooley said. “But not as many people can be in it, so people who really love it but maybe don’t fit the specifics of the characters don’t have a chance to be in it.”

The play, “The Butler Did It,” is witty and entertaining, featuring lively characters and enough charm to make anyone laugh. The play centers around trying to figure out the murder of neighbor boy Trevor with the help of murder mystery author Edwina Corry.

“I love the play; it’s hilarious and really funny,” junior Kaitlyn Burns said. “I’m hoping that a lot more people will come so that they’ll appreciate all the hard work that’s gone into it.”