Boys soccer plays final game of the season

Caroline Nichols, Staff Writer

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The boys soccer season came to an end Oct. 30 with a loss to Tonganoxie in the final round of Regionals.

The clock was ticking down to halftime. With only a few seconds left, the game was still tied 0-0. The crowd was restless, “five, four, three, two, one!” Finally the buzzer sounded and the game came to a stop. The team jogged over to the sideline for their mid-game pep talk from coach Allan Chugg.

At halftime, Chugg knew the team needed to make some adjustments in their play.

“The team was playing well except for the midfield. They were being too weak and needed to be more aggressive. The boys were a good match though for Tonganoxie,” Chugg said.

The Panthers knew this was it, their only shot at making the season last just a little bit longer. You could see the hunger in the seniors’ eyes to finish out their last time on the field strong. As the second half few by, still no goals had been made. The referee signaled the end of the game and everyone knew that golden-goal overtime is next.

Senior Arthur Beck said, “It was tough because we all knew that we could have won by the end of regulation. Everyone was pumped up though so we felt strong enough to beat them in OT.”

In the third overtime a Tonganoxie player finally got a shot off. The ball was deflected by goalie Bryce Johnston but another player was there to drive in back into the net. Every Panther, player or fan, was crushed and silent. Tears streamed down from the faces of the boys, causing a few fans to lose their cool as well. The season had now come to an end in a devastating but hard fought game.

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