Secret spaces of KCC

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SS garden OR

#1 Indoor Garden 

Crawling along the side of the staircase between the upper and lower elementary, this green plant life growing out of a dirt enclosement adds color and vibrancy to the connection between the upstairs elementary and the downstairs classrooms.


SS Athletic room OR

#2 Athletic Storage

Jerseys, old scorekeepers, leftover signs and random athletic equipment line the shelves of this locked room is located up the steps to the right of the stage. Mostly athletic director Josh  Poteet and P.E. teacher Lisa Painter use the room.


SS auction

#3 The Auction Room

Sandwiched between the Robotics room and counselor Amanda Wade’s office, this cluttered room contains anything from vases to burlap to clipboards. In use officially only when the the auction roles around, it is visited frequently when any school events occur.


SS Pantry

#4 Elementary Pantry

Nestled between the Kindergarten and first grade classrooms is this tiny pantry. The refrigerator is stocked with milk cartons for the kids to use, and the laminator and a copier are frequently visited by the teachers. Extra school supplies find their way to temporary storage in the stacked shelves.


SS concessions

#5 Outside the Concessions

Hosting two grills and an washtub that athletes use to ice injuries, this area is one inhabited in seasons. In the fall, the cross country team ices their legs. In the winter, juniors and their parents fire  up the grill to sell concessions, and in the spring, track and field participants take the time to ice their muscles after practice.


SS publications OR

#6 The Publications Room

Across the hallway from counselor Amanda Wade’s office, this room, solely for the use of yearbook and journalism staff, is decked with Macs, candy, a cactus named Jefferson Gregorson, and a coffee maker.  A wreath with a dangling ‘P’ welcomes the students to the Publication’s lab and a personal printer cures the need to trek up the stairs to the computer room.


SS Robotics OR

#7 Robotics Room 

Buried under the school in a hidden  corner, this poorly lit and poorly insulated room is visited by computer teacher Eric Arnold and the Robotics team. In the top rafters are the blue painted names of past members.



#8 The Private Bathroom 

Tucked away behind a sign that reads “No Children Past this Point” this bathroom is complete with a mirror, vase of flowers, and sweet smelling soap. Painted a cheery yellow with matching blue and yellow floral curtains this secretive bathroom is right under the stairs leading down to the lunchroom.



#9 Teachers Lounge 

Located on the extension to the one and only high school hallway, students pass by the teachers’ lounge on their way to various classes. Containing two refrigerators, three microwaves, and an ice maker this hidey hole for the teachers is a door un-open to students.




#10 Elementary Library 

Located in the back most corner of the basement, this small gem offers three stacked bookshelves and a small desk in a smaller nook. The elementary students usually have the books brought out to them on portable carts. The closet-library came into  existence after the old elementary library had to be converted into a classroom last school year.



#11 Play Storage Room 

This high ceilinged, wooden, two-story storage room contains almost anything theater. Locked up unless in use for the play, this room is located up the stairs to the left of the gym.





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