Golf team places second at first tournament

Junior Matthew Horner looks at the green before he attempts his putt.

The golf team played their first tournament on April 14 in Paola, Kan.

“It went really well,”  Trott said. “We placed second overall and four of us medaled.”

The golf players, made up of three juniors, four sophomores, and five freshman is predominantly young, but most are not new to the game.

“The putting was hard because of the green,” freshman Nate Streeter said. “The first hole my hands were shaking because it was my first high school tournament.”

The boys have enjoyed the relaxing but enduring aspects of the season.

“It’s laid back,  and it’s fun to be in a spring sport,” freshman Sam Coleman said. “The coaches are very experienced and while they still instruct and teach you, they hold you to practice on your own, which is good.”

Head coach Josh Orwig leads the team, with assistant coach Chad Pirotte focusing on JV.

“We have a lot of practice, but there have been some good laughs. I like it, [having coaches that are teachers] because you get to see them in school and outside of school so you get to know them better,” Horner said.

The team is continuing to gain knowledge of the game and increase their skill level.

“There is lots of improvement from the new comers on the golf team, and the coaches are incredible,” Trott said. “They’re very intelligent and knowledgeable about golf.”

Although still early in the game, Pirotte thinks the team can definitely qualify for state if they keep on diligently playing their best.

“People are playing OK,” Pirotte said. “The scores are going down and for JV we’re focusing on short stroke and seeing improvement for that.”