Spring Play Announcement!

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A beloved childhood story comes to life next weekend, April 10 and 11, on the KCC stage as the drama department performs “Peter Pan and Wendy.” Directed by John Brown University graduate Brian Miller, a new addition to the theater department, this year’s spring play features many more set-pieces, professional costumes, and on-stage fencing. Be sure to come see your favorite KCC students in the last play of the school year! Tickets are on sale now at the front desk or with any cast member.

Why should you come to the play? (according to the cast)

Senior Hayden McBee: “Because Nathan Beach is a fairy.”

Senior Anna Rackley: “Because it’s awcrepic. Awesome, Crazy, Epic.”

Senior Elisa Davis: “Because it’s gonna be freaking amazing. And because Kayley is once again a man and we all know how well that went over last time.”

Sophomore Kathryn McKenzie: “Because ‘Peter Pan’ is the best Disney more and we have a great cast.”

Senior Andrew Dixon: “It’s gonna be the most amazing thing you’ve ever seen.”

Junior Thomas Rolston: “Because of my touch of femininity as Captain Hook.”

Freshman Daniel Owens: “Because we worked really hard on it and it’s gonna be a great show!”



Adults- $7

Students- $6

Kids- $5

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