How to: De-stress in Six Steps

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1. Take a hike

Walking or running can help to de-clutter your mind. The fresh air and sunshine can calm your worn nerves and help you forget what you’re stressing about. If you’re facing a problem, or simply need time to think, a little bit of outdoor exercise will relax you and help you process.


2. Listen to classical music

Listening to classical music can help lower anxiety and stress levels. It’ll slow down your heart rate and stimulate a part of your brain that deals with emotion and sleep. Classical music will also help you breathe more evenly and deeply, and helps our mind focus on relaxing tense muscles.


3. Herbs

Drinking herbal tea helps to pull you out of your stress and relax. If you don’t like tea, mixing herbs like sage or rosemary in hot water will bring out the stress-relieving scent. Place it in your workspace or your room for a quick way to de-stress.


4. Three minute breathing space

If you’re particularly stressed about a certain situation or you’re facing confrontation, go into a room or somewhere private. Give yourself three minutes just to breathe and to think, you’ll calm yourself down. Then go battle the stress. Carving a small portion of your time out to think and to pray can give you the clarity you need and help you see the situation better.


5. Do something unexpected

If you’ve had a bad week do something to break the mold. Grab a friend and go to a movie, and don’t pick it out beforehand, decide when you get there. Try something you’ve heard about but never done, or something that looks fun. You can also go to a bookstore and select an interesting looking book you’ve never read before. Breaking the daily mold by doing small spontaneous things can help you feel refreshed and rejuvenated.


6. 10-finger gratitude

Every day while you’re stressed or worried, think of exactly 10 everyday things you’re thankful for. This can be simple like being thankful for clean socks, a soft pillow or chocolate cake. Try to come up with new things every time you do this.

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