Queen Bees (other than Beyonce)

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This 17 year old, curly-haired, purple-lipstick-wearing girl is referred to as one of the biggest breakout stars of 2013. A New Zealand native, Lorde’s “Royals” was the first to hit the charts, a song examining the lives of the rich and famous. Her debut album, Pure Heroine, displays a unique point of view for her age. As a whole, the album is an analysis of pop culture by Lorde on the outside looking in. She produces incredibly mature and insightful lyrics (yes, she actually writes her own songs). Pure Heroine is yet an album I am to become sick of, mostly because it might be the perfect album. To further understand why Lorde is a lyrical genius click here. And if you’re not quite convinced about Lorde yet, check this out.


As the epitome of ‘California cool,’ this synthpop sister-band is made up of Este, 27, Danielle, 24, and Alana, 21. These girls grew up steeped in music, due to the fact that they played in a family band (known as Rockinhaim) while in grade school. After high school, Este graduated from UCLA with a degree in Ethnomusicology, Danielle played drums and guitar for several artists’ tours, and Alana attended a year of college before dropping out to pursue Haim with her sisters. In February 2012, Haim released an EP titled Forever. Then spent a year and a half recording and touring before releasing their first album, Days Are Gone. These girls are cool, and they make some rad tunes. Each song boasts an individual beat with varying amounts of rock and R&B influence. Further reading: 22 things you need to know about Haim. Also, if their music doesn’t get you, Este’s infamous “bass face” will. And you have to watch the only cover that does Beyonce justice.


At a mere fourteen years old, this British singer-songwriter released a cover of Bon Iver’s “Skinny Love.” And (hipsters)  please don’t get angry when I say that I prefer Birdy’s version over the original. The now seventeen year old will release her second studio album, Fire Within, in the United States sometime this year (it was released in the UK last September). With a unique voice and emotional ballads, this girl will surely have an even bigger following after the release of her latest album. Click here to hear one of her latest tunes.

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