Twitter vs. Facebook

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Twitter vs. Facebook

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As soon as I get out of school my first instinct is to check my Twitter. My timeline is constantly filled with new tweets from friends and celebrities. Although back in the day Facebook was the popular media website, now it has been put on the backburner on pretty much every teenagers social media scale.

The age of Twitter has begun. Here are some reasons why Twitter is undeniably better than Facebook.

“Friends” vs. Followers: Where Facebook allows you to be “Friends” with people, Twitter allows you to “Follow” people, including music artists, sports players, and TV actors. On Facebook you would never have the chance to be “friends” with these celebrities or be able to interact with them. Furthermore, On Facebook you must first ask to be Friends before their information shows up on your newsfeed, whereas on Twitter a simple “Follow” enables you to connect with their tweets quickly. “What if I don’t like what they’re tweeting?” you ask? A simple “Unfollow” works, quickly disconnecting you from their tweets.

Quick and Simple: On Facebook, updating your status too many times a day is frowned upon and annoying. People tend to think that if someone updates their status too often it is to gain attention. Twitter, however, is made for posting frequently about anything – from politics, to business promotions, to what you are eating for dinner. Twitter is ultimately short and sweet. With only a 140 character limit, the Tweeter is forced to make their point quick and simple, allowing his followers to read his tweet within a few seconds.

Breaking News: Because Twitter is short and sweet, news travels extremely fast. The term “breaking news” on the TV has turned into “I heard that an hour ago “ on Twitter. News on Facebook, however, travels so slow sometimes that I read news that is a day or two old on my news feed.

More Impactful: Twitter has ultimately been more impactful in society from the use of hashtags. By simply putting a pound sign (#) before a word or phrase allows people around the world to connect on similar topics. The hashtag has been picked up by corporations and music artists in order to spread information about upcoming news or events. Facebook has never reached the level of popularity and impact in society that Twitter has.

Facebook has once seen its days of popularity, but those days are long gone. Welcome to the age of Twitter everybody.

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