Endless Love: Next Big Classic?


Inspired by a book written in 1979 by Scott Spencer and remade from a popular 1980’s movie, “Endless Love” did an amazing job at adding more family dynamic and character development.

As a teenage girl from a family full of sisters, I have seen and loved more than a fair share of romantic movies. However, “Endless Love” seemed to separate itself from more light-hearted, easily forgotten movies like “Fools Gold”, “All About Steve” and “Post Grad” and integrated itself with more legendary romantics like “The Notebook”, “Titanic”, and “A Walk to Remember”. The movie, although it got pretty negative reviews, showed depth and a thicker plot than most romances as well as incredible acting from a majority of the cast.

However, the movie wasn’t perfect. Only a few drawbacks presented themselves; among them being the readiness of the female lead to throw her once shy self into a deeply intimate and time consuming relationship. The couple was willing to throw their future plans away and fall in love extremely quickly, despite the girl’s dad trying recklessly to keep them apart. The movie didn’t portray much dialogue between the lead characters, and since the female lead did a very uncharacteristic thing very early in the movie, it was hard to establish a connection with the female lead.

I’m a great believer in the fact that who you watch the movie with and the mood you’re in affect the outcome. I watched the movie with some friends for a birthday at midnight, right before Valentine’s day, which is one of my favorite holidays. So I had an amazing movie experience. If you do not like romantic movies, have a bone to pick with clichés, or are easily upset when you can’t connect well with lead characters, I don’t suggest this movie.