KCC Scholars Bowl Team State Bound

Senior Sara Goodwin smiles at the camera, while the rest of her teammates wait for the next question to be asked.

Seniors Sara Goodwin and Michayla Kramer joined juniors Jacob Butler, Johnny Goodwin, and Theo Young to represent KCC as the varsity team.

The team relaxed before the tournament, making conversation and occasionally quizzing one another in attempts to prepare for the competition. While they ate pizza in one of the high school offices the other schools began to arrive.

After a quick announcement from Athletic Director Josh Poteet, each team went to their assigned classroom and the tournament began. Students competed in categories such as foreign language, language arts, science & health, social science, mathematics, and fine arts.

KCC got off to a rough start, losing to Riverton in the first round, but quickly redeemed themselves in round two. Facing off against Galena, the judge of round two held up a piece of paper with the first question written on it.

“Él le duele la garganta” the statement read.

The first participant to translate the sentence correctly would win 10 points for their team. Sara Goodwin quickly buzzed in with the answer.

“His throat hurts,” Goodwin correctly answered, giving KCC an early lead.

After winning round two, KCC advanced to round three against Jayhawk Linn. The round started with another foreign language question, which Goodwin once again answered correctly.

After a successful night, the scholars bowl team was awarded second place at the Regional tournament and will be heading to state this weekend.

“We’re looking forward to it and are excited!” senior Michayla Kramer said. “It’s a team effort.”