Middle School Science Fair

Kylie Briggs
Seventh grade student Ben Simmons describes his invention to seventh grade student Sam Swiastyn.

The seventh and eighth grade students competed in the KCC Science Fair on Jan. 28. Seventh graders show off their creativity by designing and constructing an invention that has not been marketed in stores, while eighth graders are given the task to create, observe and document different aspects of an experiment. Many middle school students are proud of their project and enjoyed the various aspects involved.

“I built a table with a built in cooler in the center to hold drinks,” seventh grader Blaise Keel said. “My favorite part was actually building my Ice Table  with the help of my dad.”

Others, however, found their project difficult and not as enjoyable.

“Having the satisfaction of knowing I was done was the only good part,” eighth grader Kyle Sykes said. “I worked 12-18 hours over the course of several months and didn’t learn anything new.”

Most students found the importance of not procrastinating on their project crucial for upcoming middle school students to note.

“Trust me, you really want to follow the deadlines and not procrastinate,” seventh grader Alex Gulin said.

Twenty students, 10 seventh graders and 10 eighth graders, who received a one by the judges (the best score) have the opportunity to show their project at the 63rd Greater Kansas City Science and Engineering Science Fair held at City Union Mission on March 12.

“The students to represent Kansas City Christian are chosen by the teachers who believe they completed the process properly,” science teacher Susan Lehmann said. “A neat and well-designed backboard and a thoroughly descriptive paper and journal along with a workable invention or well executed experiment are all key points we look for.”

The students representing KCC this year will be announced soon.