KCC Alumni Outreach

KCC has always had a soft spot for the alumni. But just recently, the administration has decided to do even more to get previous students more involved with school and one other. Directed by Allan and Betty Chugg, a KCC alumni organization is in route to becoming a component of the school.

“The purpose is to get them [alumni] connected with each other and the school,” Allan said. “And to see what we could do for them.”

The organization will serve as an easy way for students to get reconnected with the Chugg family, who taught most of them, and with one another.

“We have been surprised at how many of them are still connected to each other,” Allan said. “And we didn’t realize that we (the Chuggs) were that involved already.”

The Chuggs already keep in touch with most graduated students, but the school has decided to create this organization to make things easier and more official. There is even a website currently being created for this purpose.

“We want an organization, but it’s going to take a little more time,” Allan said. “We want the alumni to take ownership of it too.”

Just recently, during the Homecoming games, the Chuggs hosted a dinner for any visiting alumni called Chili with the Chuggs.

“We want to keep in touch with the alumni and we care,” Betty said. “We want to know how they are doing. It’s always nice to know the academic things, but we also care about their walk and their hearts.”