School Pep Rally and Homecoming

The teachers playing in the basketball game for the pep rally get hyped up and ready to play.

The school held a pep-assembly on Friday to conclude the day and get the students excited for the Homecoming that would take place later that night. As middle and high school students eagerly filed into the gym, the jazz band played enthusiastically.

The cheerleaders performed a dance and a cheer, energizing the student body. Meanwhile, eight teachers suited up in basketball attire, preparing to take on the high school girls and boys basketball team juniors and seniors. English teacher Rachel Schulte and Spanish teacher Alicia Kahler suited up as well, but not for basketball. They grabbed some pom poms and cheered on their teams from the sidelines.

After a game against the teachers, the basketball team rested to prepare for their games later that evening against Metro Academy. Many students and parents came to support the basketball teams as they took on Metro Academy, filling the whole gym with cheers.

At halftime during the varsity boys game, science teacher Brad Belden announced the homecoming representatives for each grade. While he announced each student, he provided some information about them, such as their involvement in school activities and favorite Bible verse. Representing the freshman class were Maya Mastin and Wyatt Palmer. The sophomore class was represented by Jacqueline Anderson and Taylor Clevenger. Juniors Ellen Lee and Matthew Horner represented their class. The senior class nominated three girls and three boys to represent them: Libby Fields, Sara Goodwin, Keana Ko, Tom Gentry, Patrick McEldowney, and Mitchell Pivovar.

“Everyone looked really good and pretty,” freshman Nora Dooley said. “It was magical.”

Former winners Brad Tippin and Kathryn McGregor crowned Pivovar and Fields as the new king and queen.

“It was very exciting,” senior Nate Starcev said. “I enjoyed having all the seniors from last year come back to the game.”