The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Review


Olivia Madderom, Staff Writer

Receiving a 7.7/10 from IMDb, and a 75 percent audience rating from Rotten Tomatoes would lead a viewer to believe that the “Secret Life of Walter Mitty” was a well done movie. However, besides an excellent soundtrack and Ben Stiller’s acting, the movie didn’t stand out as something especially worth watching. It was slow and didn’t portray life accurately.

Walter Mitty’s (Ben Stiller) job working for “Life” in the photo department is interrupted by his consistent daydreaming of a heroic life and leaves the viewers confused, especially when he starts randomly living adventurously for the sake of a lost picture. First, he does very uncharacteristic things (which makes it hard for us to establish his actual character) and spontaneously flies, sails, longboard and bikes across Northern Europe to find the photographer. He runs into a crazy bit of danger, so dismayed, he goes home.

After re-finding his passion for locating the picture, he hikes (untrained) the Himalayas, first with two random non-English speaking locals and then by himself. After Mitty finds the photographer and figures out the unexpected location of the picture, it seems like the movie is winding down. The audience is left thinking That can’t be it! However, the movie isn’t close to finishing, and after yet another plot twist containing the fate of the picture, Mitty ultimately achieves everything he is searching for-consciously and unconsciously.

The movie ends, and although the cinematography was awesome, the acting was awesome, and the soundtrack was awesome the plot was underwhelming and the story itself was lacking. It was a good rainy day movie, but nothing more.