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Kayley Forshey, Co-Editor

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With changing times and adaptable values, the meanings of words such as beauty, courage, loyalty, and love have been revised by individuals in order to fit their worldview. Though the dictionary has a general meaning of these words, they are defined differently by KCC students.



“I see beauty in people who are leaders that look out for others.”

-Senior Ashley Moore

“I think of the ocean and the waves crashing against the shore.”

-Sophomore Alec Downs

“Being confident in who you are and having a good heart.”

-Freshman Damara Beck

“Having the qualities of inner and outer perfection.”

-Sophomore Kaitlyn Burns



“Courage is doing what you want to do even if the consequences may be bad.”

-Senior Jillian Unruh

“Standing up for something that you believe in.”

-Sophomore Peter Beikmann

“Doing the right thing, even if it scares you.”

-Sophomore Bryce Johnston

“Doing something outside of your comfort zone.”

-Junior Carson Gunnigle

“Bravery in facing something difficult or facing your fears.”

-Freshman Anna Van Elders



“Loyalty is showing complete allegiance to someone or some cause, and willing to sacrifice for that something.”

-Senior Mitchell Pivovar

“Someone who is loyal to you as a friend, respects you, and treats you right.”

-Sophomore Holly Thurlow

“The verse [in the Bible] that says not serving two masters, and following just one person.”

-Freshman Mitchell Paul

“Staying true to someone, like in a friendship, who’s there through it all.”

-Sophomore Sarah Gromer



“Love is thinking of someone else higher than yourself, and respecting him/her deeply, and caring about him/her a lot, along with feeling a kind of warmth.”

-Senior Andrew Dixon

“A very close relationship with someone. There’s a lot of ways to take love, it can be emotional or physical, it can’t be summed up in one sentence.”

-Junior Christian Gamble

“Caring a lot for someone and going out of your way to help them. Even if you don’t know them very well, you can still go out of your way to help them.”

-Junior Bailey Bosworth

“Sticking with something you have a passion for and not ever wanting to go away from it.”

-Freshman Jake Minet

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